Fleet management

MAN Essentials

Step into the digital future with no set-up fees. With MAN Essentials you can view essential vehicle information at any time. Simply register your MAN on the RIO platform. This will automatically activate our basic digital service for you.

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MAN Advance

Your fleet's digital memory: With MAN Advance you have your entire MAN fleet completely under control – from status monitoring and trip evaluation through to individual trend analyses. You can analyse the usage data for individual vehicles as well as for the whole fleet over a time period of up to 25 months via the dashboard.

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Maintenance management

MAN Maintenance

Reliable scheduling of workshop and refuelling stops: MAN Maintenance gives you daily updates. The cloud allows you to access all vehicle information relevant to maintenance at any time. This includes information such as regular statutory deadlines, fill levels for fuel, engine oil or wiper system fluid as well as the current condition of the brake linings.

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Driver deployment

MAN Compliant

You can now document tachograph and driver card data reliably and efficiently: MAN Compliant automatically archives your vehicles’ data in the cloud. The files are stored in the country-specific format and can be exported to your local data carrier at any time.

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MAN Perform

Use your drivers’ full performance potential: MAN Perform provides you with constructive performance analyses of your drivers and vehicles. Individual evaluations and reports provide you with detailed information about driving styles that could use improvement and give you specific tips on how your drivers can achieve an even more economical driving style.

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MAN Connected CoDriver

The MAN Connected CoDriver Training enables your drivers to travel more safely and efficiently: MAN Coach supports you directly in the cockpit live by phone with individual tips about your driving style and the use of MAN safety and assistance systems in your MAN vehicle.

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Driver support

MAN Driver App

The free-of charge MAN Driver app facilitates everyday work for drivers and fleet managers. Damage and defects on the vehicle can be conveniently documented and forwarded with the digital pre-departure check. A quick guide explains the switches and warning lights, also via voice output. And in case of a breakdown, Mobile24 provides optimal and hassle-free assistance.

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Vehicle management


You want your MAN to be equipped with the right software to cover all your needs? With MAN Now’s Over-the-Air features you can quickly update your truck’s software any time and anywhere.

Digital services for the logistics and commercial vehicle sector. Visionary partnership between MAN & RIO

The RIO platform brings together a diverse range of digital services for the entire transport and logistics eco-system. RIO offers cross-system, manufacturer-independent digital services for mixed fleet operators. As a prerequisite, all vehicles for which the services are to be used must be equipped with the RIO Box*.

Once you have registered online, you can book, change or add digital services any time, anywhere. By registering your vehicle, you automatically activate the RIO Box and the basic Essentials service free of charge. The digital future has already begun, be part of it - get on board.

*RIO Box is standard for MAN EURO 6c trucks as of August 2017; TBM2 is RIO-compatible; for TBM1, please contact the MAN DigitalServices hotline (digitalservices@man.eu, 00800 MDIGITAL - 634 448 25 (weekdays from 08:00 - 17:00). For the MAN TGE, the RIO Box can be optionally ordered from model year 2019.
From July 2019 onwards the MAN and NEOPLAN buses and coaches will be equipped with the RIO Box as an optional version and from October on in serial production.*
* NEOPLAN Skyliner, NEOPLAN Cityliner, NEOPLAN Tourliner, MAN Lion’s Coach, MAN Lion’s Intercity, new MAN Lion’s City, MAN Lion’s City (A2x, A3x, A4x and A78 generation) except: Chassis

System requirements

In order to use the digital services, your company and your vehicles must be registered on the RIO platform start.rio.cloud. By registering, you activate data transmission via your RIO Box and thereby enable the free basic Essentials service. You can then book additional digital services from the marketplace free of charge.


RIO Box: As of 01/08/2017, standard in all Euro 6c MAN Trucks.
On-board telematics module (TBM) 2:1 MAN TeleMatics® services will continue to be available in the usual form and via the usual access points until the agreed contract end date. Switch-over to the RIO platform either via the connector MAN Bridge or by retrofitting the RIO Box, as preferred.
On-board telematics module (TBM) 1:1 For more information about the possibilities for connecting your TBM1 vehicles, contact the MAN DigitalServices hotline (digitalservices@man.eu, 00800 MDIGITAL - 634 448 25 (weekdays from 08:00 - 17:00)

1: Not relevant to the MAN TGE

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