MAN Now – Your benefits

  • More flexibility in your vehicle configuration thanks to subsequent adaptation options in next to no time
  • Quick and easy online activation of features – any time and anywhere
  • Increased availability and efficiency of your vehicle
  • Increased transparency due to automatic installation compatibility check
  • Free use of individual features

Vehicle management with MAN Now

You want your MAN to be equipped with the right software to cover all your needs? With MAN Now’s Over-the-Air features you can quickly update your truck’s software any time and anywhere.

With MAN Now you benefit from selected vehicle features and upgrades allowing you to tailor your truck’s software exactly to your needs, anywhere and at any time – without even stopping at an MAN service outlet.

Thanks to the new and convenient Over-the-Air technology, you can easily activate existing functions, extend them, or add new ones. You can do this either permanently or only temporarily, depending on your individual driving and business requirements.

We update your truck in next to no time

The MAN Now range currently includes the two features MAN Real-time traffic and MAN MapUpdate, which make optimising your routes easier than ever.

Live traffic: MAN Real-time traffic

MAN Real-time traffic integrates real-time data on the traffic situation into the vehicle navigation system, taking into account the special requirements of commercial vehicles. This allows you to benefit from the latest information on traffic congestion and/or disruptions and to optimise your route if necessary.

Map update: MAN MapUpdate

MAN MapUpdate provides you with the latest map data as well as regional geographic packages if required. This allows the driver to easily plan the route ahead and adapt it to the geographical conditions.

MAN Now grows with your requirements

To make your MAN even more efficient and safe, you will have access to further intelligent MAN Now features in the future. We are constantly further developing the MAN Now product range so that you can benefit from a driving experience of unparalleled comfort.

Simply adapt your vehicle to your business requirements

Automatic and vehicle-specific analysis

After registering on the RIO platform, the technical installation compatibility of the vehicle is automatically checked and options for features are shown.

Over-the-Air directly into the vehicle

With the new MAN Truck Generation, features can be transferred Over-the-Air – which means via mobile internet – directly to the vehicle.

Vehicle configuration now even easier – step by step

  1. Registering on the RIO platform under and creating relevant vehicles
  2. Calling up the MAN Now portal within the menu of the RIO platform
  3. Analysing the current technical vehicle status and determining the potential for improvement
  4. Identifying the features for optimisation of the vehicle fleet
  5. Booking of Over-the-Air features via the MAN Now application within the RIO platform and direct transmission into the vehicle via mobile internet.

In addition to the features for vehicles of the new truck generation that can be transferred Over-the-Air directly into the vehicle, MAN Now also offers the option of vehicle adaptation for older vehicles: For all MAN Trucks with an installed RIO box, an installation compatibility test is carried out on the portal for selected retrofits. These retrofits can be installed at your nearest MAN service outlet.

We are here for you.

The new MAN Truck Generation #SimplyMyTruck

The new MAN Truck Generation #SimplyMyTruck

The new MAN Truck Generation knows but one maxim: You and your business. This is why the new MAN Trucks are best in class for drivers and impress with outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as with optimised vehicle availability. A comprehensive package moving your transport company forward and sustainably increasing your profitability.

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