MAN Connected CoDriver

MAN Connected CoDriver - YOUR BENEFITS

  • Live coaching of your drivers directly in the cockpit
  • Individual training – tailored to driver, vehicle and type of use
  • Systematic guidance towards economical and safe driving
  • Long-term savings on fuel and maintenance costs

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MAN Connected CoDriver

Optimally trained drivers ensure that your orders are processed reliably and safely, and their training also helps to reduce fuel consumption and effects lower maintenance costs. MAN Connected CoDriver1 offers the best possible training. Training takes place directly at your driver’s workplace: in the driver's cab while driving. Our MAN ProfiDrive® trainer calls your driver in the driver's cab via the hands-free system at an agreed time and offers clear and specific tips on how to drive more economically and safely.

As a basis for the live driving tips, the MAN ProfiDrive® trainer analyses the vehicle data, including the use of the on-board safety and driver assistance systems, during the entire training session. Your driver thereby benefits from live driving instructions tailored specifically to their driving style, vehicle and the current assignment. This driver training is generally repeated weekly over the course of two to three months, thus ensuring optimal and lasting learning success.

  • Live coaching via telephone directly in the driver's cab
  • Clear and simple tips for an efficient and forward-looking driving style
  • Individual training tailored to each driver, each vehicle and each assignment
  • Continuous training over the course of 2-3 months or individually by agreement
  • Weekly evaluation of the driving style, and weekly updated live training

  • Driver qualification for optimum use of safety and driver assistance systems
  • Sustainable savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Increased vehicle availability and lower maintenance costs due to wear-optimised driving
  • Reduction of accidents and vehicle damage
  • Optimal integration of training sessions in the day-to-day routine of your drivers (no downtime due to training)
  • Maximum training success thanks to vehicle-specific evaluation

Both you and your drivers benefit equally from our live driver training: the driver becomes an expert in using all available safety and driver assistance systems of your MAN vehicles safely and in a manner appropriate to each situation. This is accomplished in a time- and cost-saving manner without additional training dates outside of schedule – during regular working hours in the cockpit of your MAN vehicle. This means MAN Connected CoDriver Training contributes both to the prevention of accidents by promoting forward-looking and safe driving as well as yielding lasting economic benefits in terms of fuel consumption and the prevention of vehicle damage.

In order to participate in an MAN Connected CoDriver training, it is necessary to book our DigitalServices MAN Perform for the respective vehicle. Detailed representations of driving style and vehicle information provided by MAN Perform allow the MAN ProfiDrive® trainer to offer your driver individual and vehicle-specific support.

1. Not available for the MAN TGE.

Available in the following countries:

Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, United Kingdom, Romania

Digital services for the logistics and commercial vehicle sector

The RIO Platform will bring together a diverse range of digital services for the entire transport and logistics eco-system. The platform offers digital services for the commercial vehicle sector from manufacturers and partners as well as in-house technology solutions. It can therefore be used to book MAN DigitalServices designed exclusively for your MAN. As a prerequisite, all vehicles must be equipped with the RIO Box*. This gives you centralised access to a wide range of data relating to your fleet.

Once you have registered online, you can book, change or add digital services anytime, anywhere. The RIO Box and the basic MAN Essentials service will be automatically activated free of charge when you register your vehicle. The digital future has already begun, be part of it – get on board.

*RIO Box is standard for MAN EURO 6c trucks as of August 2017; TBM2 is RIO-compatible; for TBM1, please contact the MAN DigitalServices hotline (, 00800 MDIGITAL - 634 448 25). For the MAN TGE, the RIO Box can be optionally ordered from model year 2019.

System requirements

In order to use the digital services, your company and your vehicles must be registered on the RIO platform By registering, you activate data transmission via your RIO Box and thereby enable the free basic MAN Essentials service. You can then book additional digital services from the MAN marketplace free of charge.


RIO Box: As of 01/08/2017, standard in all Euro 6c MAN Trucks. For the MAN TGE, the RIO Box can be optionally ordered from model year 2019.
On-board telematics module 21: MAN TeleMatics® services will continue to be available in the usual form and via the usual access points until the agreed contract end date. Switch-over to the RIO platform either via the connector MAN Bridge or by retrofitting the RIO Box, as preferred.
On-board telematics module 11: For more information about the possibilities for connecting your TBM1 vehicles, contact the MAN DigitalServices hotline (, 00800 MDIGITAL - 634 448 25)

1: Not relevant to the MAN TGE

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MAN DigitalServices

MAN DigitalServices

Digitalisation offers optimum solutions for your business in the areas of transport and logistics. MAN DigitalServices offers custom-made digital solutions exclusively designed with your MAN vehicle in mind.


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